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PloneGov finalist of the European e-Government Awards 2009

The open source initiative PloneGov has been selected among the 52 best European e-Government projects
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Zea Partners (Zea) is a non-profit network for companies building open source solutions. Stakeholders from the open source world are welcome. Zea activities are focused on growing the open source market by pooling resources for promotion, research and advocacy:

Network and technologies

Zea network includes founders of Zope, Plone and Silva along with prominent SMEs (Small/Medium-sized Enterprises) around the world. See: Partners list and references.

Zope is a powerful and free application server for building CMS, intranets, portals, and custom applications. Plone and Silva are open source CMS that can be used to build corporate web sites, news sites, extranet servers or intranet, publishing system and documents repository, groupware tool, e-commerce, etc. All technologies are developed using Python a high-level programming language.