Name Size Rev Age Last Change
geo-products-example 1234 22 months seang: Add patch for kss.core
GeoAwareObjects 805 3 years dokai: Disabled the link in getGeoURL again. We can't use it because the …
Geographer 1222 23 months seang: Include
Knowhere 1125 2 years seang: Remove Shapely and Rtree externals, use release eggs instead
PrimaGIS 1041 2 years dokai: Implemented local datastore management. You can use the …
primagis.buildout 1152 2 years dokai: Updated the list of required packages.
SpatialIndex 1223 22 months seang: Change ISpatiallyIndexable to ISpatiallyCataloged
ZCO 1006 2 years dokai: Made decimal degrees the default unit.
zgeo.atom 1314 5 months seang: Remove commented code.
zgeo.geographer 1308 11 months seang: Add to manifest
zgeo.kml 1309 11 months seang: Add to manifest
zgeo.plone.atom 1310 11 months seang: Add to manifest
zgeo.plone.geographer 1313 5 months seang: Raise AttributeError? in the case of the specific PleiadesEntity? adaptation …
zgeo.plone.kml 1312 11 months seang: Add to manifest
zgeo.primagisdemo 994 2 years sunew: lets set svn:eol-style to native
zgeo.rtree 1262 20 months seang: Revert, don't dev tag
zgeo.spatialindex 1245 21 months seang: Set a storage filename base for unlocated index in tests
zgeo.wfs 1300 16 months ebrehault: contributors
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