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Bitakora is a Zope product for managing multiblog communities.

It is internationalised. Localizer is the 18n and l10n framework chosen, so it can handle blogs in different languages. English, Spanish and Basque versions go with the default package.

The product has two instances. A BitakoraCommunity instance creates a multiblog website, with a frontpage in which the blogs below ere aggregated, and a register and login dialog box, so anyone can join a create a blog in three easy and straighforward steps.

Coders with Zope expertise will easily tweak that feature, so the community may become not a free-for-all blogging site, but any sort of closed or controlled blog community.

Each individual blog in a community, created through the Zope Management Interface, or through the open BitakoraCommunity registration process, is a Bitakora instance.

A Bitakora blog comes ready with the following features:

  • Usable tab based dashboard with clear options.
  • Tagging: no categories, but each post might be tagged with tags or keywords.
  • Wysiwyg editor (Epoz based).
  • Editable CSS skin, with four default stylesheets and the possibility to ellaborate upon them.
  • Various sidebar editing options.
  • Reference pingback system.
  • Comments may be open, moderated or absent (no replies).
  • Chronological and tag based archives (with a tag cloud).
  • Editable dates: you can add old texts with their past dates, or program the publication of a given post at the future date and hour of your choice.
  • Pings towards Pingomatic automatically.



The following blogs and communities are some Bitakora examples:, Javier Ortiz and Ongi Etorri.

Download Bitakora

Current version is the latest one, 0.1.10, released in December 14th 2006.


UPGRADE NOTES for those using earlier versions

Bitakora is a Zope product, it has dependencies in several other Zope products. Check the Readme file.


You can import your actual blog to Bitakora, uploading an XML file with your blog data, as said in Import.txt file.


Bitakora is free software:



The product's i18n and l10n are handled with Localizer

Current initial version goes out with Basque, Spanish and English versions. Get the .po files from Tumatxa

We consider those translations to be open content (Creative Commons ShareAlike). The translations provided might be reused elsewhere, but they cannot become copyrighted material.

If you produce a new .po file for another language, and you grant such an open license to the translations, we will gladly provide it as a downloadable and searchable file at Tumatxa.

Please contact through the mailing list for versions in new languages.