Localizer is the standard Zope product to develop and build multilingual web applications. Provides solutions to internationalize and localize both the software and the content.

The Message Catalog

Message catalogs store messages and their translations in the ZODB, and provide a web interface to manage them. They're useful to translate the application interface: labels, buttons, etc..

The Localizer object

The Localizer objects allows to customize the language negotiation policy of your web site.

Local Content objects

The LocalContent object is used to store and manage multilingual data. A single object has different properties, multilingual and monolingual, for the multilingual ones it's possible to have different language versions.

Local Folders

The LocalFolder object provides a generic solution to internationalize any Zope object. Use it to provide images in multiple languages, output dates in locale formats, etc..

Download Localizer 1.2.3, for Zope 2.9 to 2.11, needs itools
Download old versions