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 Looking for Contributors

I'm looking for people who would like to contribute original content to Buber's Basque Page. Ideas for contributions can be found in the Guest Columns, though any original content would be welcome (provided it is not overly political in nature). If you are interested, please contact me. Forum

I have created a forum for discussing Basque-related topics. You can find the forum here. Stop by and say hello!

  Photos of Tattoos

I've been collecting photos of Basque-themed tattoos. You can see the current collection here. If you have a tattoo you'd like to add to the collection, send it to with a short caption and I'll add it to the gallery.

  Basque News Online

A number of news outfits in the Basque Country have begun publishing Basque-related news online. Some of these include:

Check them out and stay informed about what is going on in the Basque Country today!

  Important Links

Here are some especially useful and important links, in my opinion.

  • The Institute of Basque Studies
    This group is trying to get more Basque information out there, out where people can find it. They are publishing research on many Basque related topics.
  • La Enciclopedia Auñamendi
    On online dictionary/encyclopedia of the Basque Country, it includes descriptions of surnames and coats of arms. In Spanish and Basque.

More will be added here in the future

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Eskerrik asko!