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``Ow!'' Tarn snorted as he rubbed his butt. He turned around to glare at the stocky dwarf who trudged behind him. ''What the hell did you do that for?''

``Do what?''

``What do you mean, `What?'? Pinch my ass or whatever it was you did.''

``What the hell are you talking about? How could I touch you when I'm ten feet behind you?''

``There isn't anyone else around here that could have done it.''

``I didn't touch your damn ass. If I was going to pinch someone's ass, it sure the hell wouldn't be yours. I'm sure I can find an ass a hell of a lot better looking that yours to pinch! If you ask me, I think you're still feeling the lumps you took when we escaped from the illusionist's fortress.''

``Hmph. Maybe you're right. Let's keep going.''

Tarn turned around and found himself staring at a little tiny woman, floating in the air in front of him, twelve inches from his face. She was about five inches tall and had what appeared to be massive butterfly wings (for her size, anyways) sprouting out of the back of a perfectly proportioned human body. She wore nothing besides her wings, the sunlight dancing off of the bright colors that decorated them. Her face, like the rest of her body, was painted to match her wings. Her ears were much like an elf's - long and pointed.

``What the hell?''

``Hi!'' the little fairy said.

``Who... what are you?''

``My name is Txikixa!'' replied the fairy. ``I'm a lamia. Nice to finally meet you Tarn. And you too, Laff.''

Laff stepped up to where Tarn and Txikixa were talking as the lamia fluttered around until finding a branch to sit on. ``How do you know our names?'' asked the dwarf.

``And what the hell are lamia?'' snorted Tarn.

``Well, the lamiak are a race of fairies. I was sent by our queen to check on the illusionist, for his magic has been disrupting our land for some time now. I'd been watching him for about ten days when you two made your escape. Since the illusionist has been destroyed, and I had nothing better to do, I figured I'd follow you guys for a while.'' She winked at Tarn. ''Besides, you have a really nice ass.''

Tarn snorted and blushed as Laff let out a loud laugh. ``I like you already,'' replied the dwarf. ``What are your plans now? I take it you are heading back to report to your queen?''

``Nah, I've already done that. I sent her a telepathic report as soon as I saw that the illusionist had been defeated. I also told her that some of his followers had escaped and needed to be checked out.'' She winked at Tarn again.

``I see,'' said Tarn, ignoring her flirting. ``So, you plan to follow us for a while then, and see what we are up to.''

``Nope. That's just what I told the queen. You guys seem to be a lot of fun and, to be honest, things have been pretty boring lately at home, even with the illusionist causing his problems. So, I decided to go adventuring with you two.''

Tarn and Laff looked at each other. ``What!?''

``You heard me. I'm joining your group.''

Now it was Tarn's turn to start laughing. ``You are joining our group. Why in the world would we want you in our group? What can you do for us that we can't do for ourselves?''

``Well, how about this?''

Txikixa pointed her dainty little arm at Tarn's forehead. Suddenly, there was a flash of light as a little blue bolt shot out of her hand and hit Tarn in right between the eyes.

``Shit! That fucking hurts!'' Tarn exclaimed as he rubbed the now scorching little spot on his forehead.

``Sure does, and that wasn't even close to high power.''

Laff laughed again. ``Told you it wasn't me who pinches your ass.''

Tarn scowled at his friend. ``Yeah, sorry, but I didn't expect there to be any tiny naked women flying around here either.''

``So, can I join your group?''

``Well, Tarn, I doubt she eats much. And she sure seems friendly enough.''

``Yeah, I'm sure she does to you, but you aren't the one who got a bolt between the eyes, are you?''

``Sorry, Tarn. I just wanted to prove to you that I could be useful.''

``Even the first time, when you nailed me in the ass?''

Txikixa lowered her gaze, a look of sadness on her face. ``I'm sorry. I really am. I was just playing. I didn't mean to hurt you.'' She turned away from the two.

Tarn looked at the admittedly beautiful little fairy. He looked over at Hop, who just looked back and shrugged his shoulders. Tarn sighed. ``Ok, Txikixa, fine. You can join our group, for now, anyways.''

Txikixa looked at Tarn, her eyes wide with glee. She quickly swept down to the dwarf and gave him a little peck on the cheek. She then flew up to Tarn, resting on his shoulder as she hugged his neck. ``Oh, Tarn! Thank you! You won't regret this, I promise.'' She stood up, pretending to scan the horizon. ``Now, let's go adventuring, my faithful companions!''

Laff smiled. ``Looks like you found yourself quite the little woman there, Tarn.''

Tarn just looked up to the heavens, sighing. ``Why me?''

Txikixa winked at Laff. ``He's just lucky I guess,'' she said as she nestled into a spot between Tarn's shoulder, neck and backpack.

The group, now including the little lamia, continued their journey towards .......... [whatever they were doing before this......]

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