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What is M.U.?

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MONDRAGON UNIBERTSITATEA has a socially-orientated initiative and vocation, and was declared a non-profit University of common public interest.

Since its creation, it has been committed to the high quality of the education and practical orientation of its courses. At MONDRAGON UNIBERTSITATEA we give great importance to the all-round education of our students.

Through our association with MONDRAGON Corporation, we are able to maintain close ties with the business world, enabling our students to have contact with the real working world right from the start of their studies.

At present, the University has around 4,000 students and offers a total of 22 degree courses. On the other hand, the range of postgraduate courses includes 15 Master’s and 8 university specialisation courses.



MONDRAGON UNIBERTSITATEA is a young university, created in 1997 and officially recognised by Law 4/1997 of 30th May.

The University was created by the association of three educational cooperatives, with the guarantee of an extensive career and experience in the world of education, these were Mondragon Goi Eskola Politeknikoa “Jose Mª Arizmendiarrieta” S.Coop., ETEO S.Coop. and Irakasle Eskola S.Coop., which nowadays constitute the University’s two Faculties and School: 


Social Vocation

At MONDRAGON UNIBERTSITATEA we have a commitment towards social transformation, which is specified in our participatory model.

We are a cooperative university, which belongs to the MONDRAGON Corporation, with a clear human vocation and a commitment to our environment, our society and our time.

Our teaching model involves a system of relationships which, with the educational system as the central theme, aims to involve the companies and institutions in the area, in order to guarantee social accessibility, the combination of work and study, the development of research and the provision of Continuing Education.


Practical Orientation

One of the main characteristics of MONDRAGON UNIBERTSITATEA is our close and permanent relationship with the working world, enabling us to outline our educational offer by adapting it to the needs of companies and organisations.

Our relationship with MONDRAGON Corporation – which contains 230 companies and institutions and more than 70,000 workers – along with the agreements we have with numerous companies and organisations from various sectors, enables our students to come into direct contact with the working world right from the start of their studies. This results in a whole series of activities:

  • Work-study Combinations:

The students have the possibility of combining their studies with part-time work, which, besides complementing their academic education, enables them to pay for their studies.

  • Work Placements:

The students carry out work placements at companies and educational centres, to complement their education.

  • Final Year Projects:

All the students finish their studies with a project in a company, which can last up to one year.

  • Company participation in MONDRAGON UNIBERTSITATEA’s governing bodies:

This provides perspectives from the agents directly involved in the working world, offering permanent knowledge about the current needs in the labour market, as regards both the type of degree courses and the abilities and skills required from the graduates.

  • Continuing Education:

We offer a wide range of postgraduate courses, on-demand courses and long and short-term courses open to both university students and working professionals.

  • Research Projects:

The participation of the professors at MONDRAGON UNIBERTSITATEA in research projects is one of the important focal points in its educational innovation process, as it enables the professors to obtain real, permanent knowledge about the needs of the business world and it keeps their knowledge permanently updated, which is in turn transmitted to the students. 

In addition, MONDRAGON UNIBERTSITATEA has established a new Educational Model called the Mendeberri Project.

The Mendeberri Project is a trilingual educational model (Basque, Spanish and English) that is characterised by the development of skills and values within the actual learning process, by the practical nature of its teaching methodology and by the intensive use of the new information and communication technologies.


Commitment to Research

Research development is one of the mainstays of the educational system at MONDRAGON UNIBERTSITATEA.  

For this reason, we have brought together a solid network of support organisations, among which we can highlight those specific to the Technological Research area, IKERLAN and IDEKO, two internationally renowned Technology Centres that represent two basic mainstays in the organisation of the University. 

We have also promoted the creation of the Garaia Innovation Pole, which brings together the University, Technology Centres and company R&D departments, with the objective of encouraging the joint development of research.

In the same way, we received the collaboration of the MONDRAGON Corporation cooperate business group, the Ulma S.Coop. Group, the Gizabidea Foundation and the Alto Deba County Council District, as collaborating members.