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SENEZ is a journal dealing with translation theory and pragmatics and is published on a yearly basis. Most of the articles are published in Basque although this does not exclude collaboration written in other languages. Articles are found untranslated, in the language they were written.


The covers and images by Juan Azpeitia featured in the last issues of the journal SENEZ have been collected in a most special single issue. In addition, we will have the opportunity to read about the vicissitudes of a translator called Berbelitz, in a story written by Anjel Lertxundi (also in Spanish, in a translation by Jorge Gimenez).

Anthology of translations

The current flourishing of translation cannot afford to ignore the accomplishments of previous generations, lest we lose our roots and tradition. Therefore, EIZIE decided to pay a tribute to a number of translators from those generations who are still among us, by making them honorary members of our association and publishing some of their works, with a view to holding them as an inspiration source for present-day translators as well. Three anthologies (Itzulpen antologiak) have been published as a result of this undertaking.

Pioneers of translation

It’s been a long time since EIZIE committed itself with the task of bringing back to life the works of writers and translators from past generations, in recognition of their contribution. This new collection, Itzultzaile aitzindariak (pioneers of translation), is the result of that resolve. Three books have been published so far.

Universal Literature

EIZIE set up this collection with the aim of translating into Basque the most important works of universal literature. Our association manages this project by means of a cooperation agreement which is signed every year with the Department of Culture of the Basque Government, and translations are currently published by Alberdania and Elkar, on a co-edition basis.

Literary translation in the media

EIZIE set up this programme ("Literatur itzulpena hedabideetan") in 1998 in order to guarantee the presence of literary translations, on the one hand, and overcome any misgivings readers may have about the quality of such translations, on the other.