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Catalog of Literary Translation

The Catalog of Literary Translation makes it possible to carry out searches on literary works translated into Basque in recent years by author, title, translator, collection, publishing house, year of publication, place of publication, original title, original year of publication, original place of publication and original language.

The Catalog is based on Manu Lopez Gaseni's 2008 report, Inventory and Analysis of Translation into Basque, and was created by EIZIE in collaboration with Armiarma.

The details of the Catalog of Literary Translation are the following:

  • It covers a specific period of time: 1976-2008.
  • For the moment, certain other fields that are important from a universal point of view, such as children's literature and translation from Basque into other languages, are not included.
  • Also not included are products that are not considered “canonical,” such as texts that have been made easier and/or shortened for student use (Irakurmenti, Euskara Erraza...), anthologies that include texts by many authors, and collections of stories by anonymous authors (Munduko Ipuinak...). Likewise, the database does not include translations that were originally published before 1976 but that were reprinted later in some other form (in critical edition, for example).
  • Texts like Classical Thought and Science for Everyone , however, have been taken into account. We recognize that most of these texts, though culturally important, are not literary, but rather belong to the fields of Philosophy, Economy, Mathematics, Medicine and a few others.