How To Find Your Twitter Short Code or Long Code

If you add your phone to Twitter, you can update anywhere, anytime by simply sending us a text message! Once your phone is verified, you can start sending (and in many countries start receiving) updates instantly! Depending on where you are, you may have a local number. You can send a text message to any of these numbers and it will post directly to your Twitter profile, and be sent to all of your followers:

Short Codes

We currently support 2-way (sending and receiving) Twitter SMS via short codes for the below listed countries.

Get started by sending a text to any of these Twitter numbers:

    Afghanistan: 40404 (Roshan)
    Argentina: 89338 (Movistar and Personal)
    Aruba: 176 (Digicel)
    Antigua: 176 (Digicel customers)
    Anguilla: 176 (Digicel customers)
    Australia: 0198089488 (Telstra customers)
    Bahrain 88000 (VIVA)
    Bangladesh: 9594(Citycell customers)
    Belarus: 40404 (life:) customers)
    Bermuda: 176 (Digicel customers)
    Brasil: 40404 (TIM, Nextel customers)
    Bhutan 40404 (B-mobile)
    Bolivia: 40404 (Viva, Tigo customers)
    Bonaire: 176 (Digicel)
    Canada: 21212
    Colombia: 40404 (Tigo)
    Cambodia: 40404 (Cellcard, Smart Mobile)
    Cameroon: 8711(MTN)
    Curacao: 176 (Digicel)
    Denmark: 40404 (Telmore)
    Egypt: 4040 (Vodafone customers)
    El Salvador: 40404 (Digicel and Tigo customers)
    Fiji: 40404 (Digicel, Vodafone)
    Grenada: 176 (Digicel customers)
    Guatemala: 40404 (Tigo)
    Guyana: 1443 (Digicel customers)
    Haiti: 40404 (Digicel customers)
    Honduras: 40404 (Digicel customers)
    India: 53000 (Bharti Airtel, Reliance, Videocon customers)
    Indonesia: 89887 (AXIS, 3, Telkomsel, XL, Axiata, TelkomFlexi, Bakari and Indosat)
    Iraq: 71117 (Zain)
    Ireland: 51210 (O2, Vodafone customers)
    Italy: 4880804 (Wind customers), +3424486444 (Vodafone customers)
    Jamaica: 176 (Digicel customers)
    Jordan: 90903 (Zain customers)
    Kazakhstan: 4040 (Beeline, Kcell/Activ customers); 40404 (Airtel customers)
    Kenya: 89888 (Safaricom customers); 40404 (Airtel customers)
    Kuwait: 89887 (Zain customers)
    Korea: #1234 (LG U+ customers)
    Kyrgyzstan: 4040 (Megacom, Beeline Customers)
    Macedonia: 40404 (VIP customers)
    Madagascar: 40404 (VIP)
    Malaysia: 28933 (Maxis, Tune Talk)
    Maldives: 4040 (Wataniya customers)
    Mexico: 6464 (Telcel customers, only supports sending updates to Twitter)
    Nauru: 40404 (Digicel customers)
    New Zealand: 8987 (Vodafone and Telecom NZ customers)
    Nicaragua: 89887 (Movistar)
    Nigeria: 40404 (Zain customers); 20644 (Glo Mobile customers)
    Pakistan: 40404 (Mobilink, Zong, Ufone customers)
    Palestinian Territories: 40404 (Wataniya customers)
    Panama: 3010 (Digicel customers)
    Papua New Guinea: 40404 (Digicel customers)
    Paraguay: 40404 (Personal)
    Romania: 89338 (Vodafone & Cosmote customers)
    Russia: 8080 (Beeline customers)
    Rwanda: 3434 (MTN customers)
    Saudi Arabia: 840404 (STC customers)
    Saudi Arabia: 710001 (Zain customers)
    Saudi Arabia: 606040 (Mobily customers)
    Serbia: 40404 (Vip mobile, mt:s customers)
    Sri Lanka: 40404 (Dialog customers, Telecom Mobitel)
    St. Lucia: 176 (Digicel customers)
    St. Vincent: 176 (Digicel customers)
    St. Kitts: 176 (Digicel customers)
    Sweden: 71017(3 customers)
    Tonga: 40404 (Digicel customers)
    Trinidad and Tobago: 40404 (Digicel customers)
    Turkey: 2444 (Vodafone customers)
    UK: 86444 (Vodafone, Orange, 3 and O2 customers)
    Ukraine: 40404 (life:) customers)
    United Arab Emirates: 335640404 (Zain)
    US: 40404
    Uzbekistan: 89338 (Beeline, Ucell customers)
    Venezuela: 89338 (Movistar)

Long Codes

Good news ! If your country and carrier is not listed here you can use one of the following one-way long code to post messages to Twitter.

  • UK : +447624800379 (Subscribers may be charged international messages rates)
  • GERMANY : +4915705000021 (Subscribers may be charged regular/local SMS rate)
  • FINLAND : +3584573950042 (Subscribers may be charged regular/local SMS rate)

However, all subscribers using this code may be charged international messages rates.

My country isn't listed above!

If your country isn't listed above, please read this article to find out how you can still use Twitter on your mobile phone. We're working on getting more local short codes for other places, and we'll update this list as they become available. If you travel out of the country, check with your mobile provider to see if they route text messages to local short codes.

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