How To Post a Tweet

Twitter always asks the question "What's happening?" Each answer to that question is considered a Twitter update, or what people often call a "Tweet." Each update is 140 characters or less.

To Post Your Tweet via the Web:

  1. Log in to your Twitter account
  2. Type your Tweet into the "What's happening?" box at the top of your screen (shown below).
  3. Make sure your update is fewer than 140 characters. We'll count the characters for you! Remaining characters show up as a number below the box.
  4. Click the Tweet button to post the Tweet to your profile.
  5. You will immediately see your Tweet in the timeline on your homepage, as shown below.



To Post Your Tweet via Text Message:

Another way (some say the best way!) to post updates is from your cell phone. First, set up your phone to link to your Twitter account, then simply send your message as a text to your appropriate Twitter short code.

To Delete Your Tweet:

To delete a Tweet that you have posted, please read this article. Note that you may only delete Tweets which you posted yourself from your account. You may not delete Tweets which were posted by other accounts. Instead, you can unfollow or block users whose tweets you do not want to receive.

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