Consultation of the list of contracts in force is open to any Internet user.

Access to the conditions of a contract is restricted to registered users.

Registration of a new user

In the event that you should wish to consult the conditions of a contract, you must register first. Through the option 'New subscription', you can open a questionnaire, where you must introduce the data pertaining to the person who wishes to consult the conditions:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail
  • Password

When you tick the box ' I wish to receive information about new contracts ', you will receive an e-mail every time that a new contract is published.

It is important that the e-mail address that you type in is correct, since this will be used for forwarding information, such as new contracts or reminder of password, if requested.

Modification of user data

You will have access to your data records by introducing your e-mail address and password and you may modify these if you wish.

Consultation of conditions

When you have consulted a contract, you will be asked to type in your e-mail address and password if you wish to access the conditions of the same. When you have correctly introduced the same, you will see the document in the browser.

Password reminder

If you have forgotten your password, go to the option 'password reminder', type in your e-mail address and you will receive an e-mail message containing the same.