Throughout the years, the Casa de Juntas was completed with other accessory buildings.

Hermitage of the Custodian Angel: was situated opposite the Casa de Juntas. It was demolished in 1771 to build the Posada (Inn), and an identical hermitage was erected several metres away from the original. The present-day hermitage was built during the 60's, a small space attached to the Inn.

Posada de Junteros: built in 1771 to provide lodging for the junteros or members of the General Assemblies that came to meet in Abellaneda, the inn is a large baroque house with a four-sided roof.

Casa del Corregidor: a building close to the Casa de Juntas was purchased from Santiago de Urrutia in 1597, and used as the Corregidor's House until 1750, when it was demolished and replaced by the present-day building.