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    Zipcast is the new way
    to meet online

    It's free and simple.
    No downloads for anyone.

    Public when you want your ideas to spread. Private when it's you and a colleague.

    Zipcast in 1 click

    1. Click Zipcast on any presentation
    2. Select Public or Private
    3. Start Zipcast & enable live video
    4. Invite friends on Facebook & Twitter
    5. Your Zipcast is ON

    Takes 30 seconds to start!

    Free Features

    • Personalized meeting rooms
    • Use any presentation: yours or someone else's
    • Streaming live video
    • Group chat
    • No downloads
    • Unlimited meetings & participants
    • Facebook & Twitter integration
    • Private or Public

    Pro Features

    • Password protection
    • No ads
    • Conference call number

    10 ways to use Zipcast

    1. Share ideas with remote colleagues.
    2. Launch your next product
    3. Talk at a conference remotely
    4. Teach anyone, anywhere
    5. Pitch a client
    6. Walk people over your sales deck
    7. Support your customers
    8. Run a non-profit fundraiser
    9. Share your photo albums
    10. Have fun sharing presentations

    Have questions? Check out the FAQs.