Lighthouses of Pasaia

Lighthouses of Pasaia

La Plata

00120 / D-1456
Latitude 43º 20,1’. Longitude: 01º 56,1’
153 m
13 m
13 miles

Two theories exist that explain the origin of its strange name (Plata- Silver): the first is related to its spectacular position in the area known as Espejo (Mirror) de Pasaia or also Frontón de la Plata. According to the second theory, the name might come from the important role played by the port of Pasaia since ancient times, from which the minerals extracted from the mines of Arditurri de Oiartzun were exported.

Situateed on a cliff in the western part of the port mouth, it forms a part of the landscape that opens onto the sea, next to the promontory of Arando Txiki, which is frequented by many seagulls. The building has three storeys, with battlements and framed by two turrets; it is joined to the mountain at the north side by a terrace where a tower of 4 m in height rises, that is focused at a height of 158 m above sea level. Inside the lighthouse is a spiral staircase made of wrought iron that leads to the tower. The building is a clear example of the Romantic spirit of the 19th century.

Lighthouse of SENOKOZULOA

00140 / D-1458
Coordinates Latitude 43º 20,0’. Longitude: 01º 55,5’
50 m
7 m

This second lighthouse reponds to the need for assisting boats to enter the port, especially at night or in bad weather.

The building is constructed in an austere, classic style, on the norther side, and is formed by an octagonal tower set on an ochre-coloured house. Its lamp tower emerges from the centre of the façade, overlooking the sea.

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