Ports of Orio

Ports of Orio

Fishing port:

Description Orio is a typical estuary port, with a dock on the eastern bank of the river Oria, where the town is. Historically, the entrance to the port has posed serious difficulties as it is open to the NW, N and NE. Today, this problem has been solved by constructing two piers facing N, to make it easier to enter, although the channel leading up the river is still quite narrow and dangerous. Coordinates: l= 43-16, 2 N L= 02-07,6 W Tidal range: 4.5 m Entrance: Width: 40 m Depth in LLW: 5 m. 3 m in the narrow channel that is difficult to navigate. Direction: E Services: - Shipyard: Muelle de Ribera - Drydock carts: 2 Muelle de la Arena - Crane: 1 of 5 Tm - Repair yard - Water supply - Fuel supply - Electricity supply

Associated authorities

Gipukcoa Regional Ports Office Muelle 23, 2. 2003 Donostia -San Sebastian Tel.: (34) 943 022970 - Fax: (34) 943 426875 San Nicolás Fishermen's Guild Kaia s/n. Tel.: (34) 943 830539 Casa del Mar (ISM) Kaia s/n. Tel.: (34) 943 830766


Description Project: Sports Marina Breakwater in the Port of Orio. Number of moorings on pier: 305 The project involves constructing a small sports harbour on the right bank of the estuary, on the backshore of Orio, which can be reached through a channel 30 m wide, at the level of the LLW, located on the channelling pier, about 150 m from the motorway, downstream.

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