Ports of Zumaia

Ports of Zumaia

Fishing port:

Description Yet another port on a river estuary, the Urola. Today it is practically inactive with no commercial or fishing activities. It does, however, have an important shipyard, and after solving the problems of the entrance, thanks to extending the two channel dykes, an important sports harbour has now been built. Coordinates: l= 43-18 N L= 02-15 W Tidal range: 4.5 m Entrance: Width: 40 m Depth in LLW: 4 m. 2m in the difficult access channel. Direction: E NE Services - Shipyards: For merchant and fishing boats. Balenciaga - Drydock carts: 5 private. Balenciaga - Drydock ramp: 1 - Repairs yard - Water supply - Electricity supply

Associated authorities

: Gipuzkcoa Regional Ports Office Muelle 23, 2. 20003 Donostia -San Sebastian Tel.: (34) 943 022970 - Fax: (34) 943 426875 Fishermen's Guilid Erribera kalea, 8 1 G Tel.: (34) 943 860087 Red Cross Aita Mari, 4 Tel.: (34) 943 861093 Port Uses Tel.: (34) 943 860087


Number of moorings on pier: 516 The town of Zumaia belongs to the historic region of Gipuzkoa and is one of the most important towns on the Basque coast. Its port is located inside a natural bay formed by the mouth of the river Urola. Over the past few years important work has been carried out on improving access, in order to guarantee a depth at low tide of 5 m at the mouth and 3.5 m along the navigation channel. The modern sports harbour of Zumaia is in this bay, which is sheltered from the NW winds that prevail in this region, with a capacity for 500 boats of up to 15 m in length. Web www.marinaurola.com

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