Ports of Mundaka

Ports of Mundaka

Fishing port:

Description This small former fishing port is located at the mouth of the Urdaibai estuary, on the western bank. Mundaka is a small port and formed in the North by the coastal rocks, with docks only on the south bank.. Today, it is an important tourist resort, and basically a sports harbour. Coordinates: l= 43-24,5N L= 02-42W Tidal range: 4.5 m Entrance: Width: 15 m Depth in LLW: 2 m Direction: E SE Services - Drycdock ramps: 3 - Drydock carts: 1 Guild - Water supply

Associated authorities

: Bizcaia Regional Ports Office Gran Vía 85-8. 48011 BILBAO Tel.: (34) 94 4031323 - Fax: (34)94 4031325 San Pedro Fishermen's Guilid San Pedro 1 Tel.: (34) 94 6876000 AZTI Foundation. Technological Fishing and Food Institute Txatxarramendi, s/n. 48935 Sukarrieta Tel.: (34) 94 6870700 Fax: (34) 94 6870006

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