Ports of Lemoiz

Ports of Lemoiz

Fishing port: Puerto de Armintza

Description A small, ancient port, located in the inlet of the same name. Difficult to enter and dangerous due to the many stones and rocky depths surrounding the channel leading to the port, both on the dyke side and on the western side. As in many other cases, it has changed from a fishing port to housing mostly yachts. Coordinates: l= 43-26 N L= 02-54 W Tidal range: 4.5 m Entrance: Width: 10 m Depth in LLW: 1 m. It has a dangerous entrance channel, of 10 m Direction: W - Cranes: 1 6 Tm crane - Drydock ramps: 3 - Water supply - Electricity supply

Associated authorities

Bizkaia Regional Ports Office Gran Vía 85-8. 48011 BILBAO Tel:: (34) 944031323 - Fax: (34) 944031325 Fishermen's Guild Puerto s/n. Tel and fax (34) 946879065


Project: Piers on the inner breakwater Number of moorings on the pier Anchoring areas with access from the pier bordering the port: 153 Future moorings: 84

Udalarrantz - Red de municipios pesqueros del País Vasco