A consultative organ that ensures the participation of citizens in the planning and appraisal of the Social Services. Set up through Act of Parliament 5/1996 of 18 October on Social Services, it is attached to the Department for Housing and Social Matters (Government of the Basque Autonomous Community). Its functions are as follows:

  • To issue Reports, when required to do so by law
  • To draw up General or Sectoral Programmes and Schemes the territorial ambit for which is the Basque Autonomous Community
  • To be informed by the Government of the Basque Autonomous Community
  • To issue an Annual Report on the State of the Social Services in the Basque Autonomous Community.
  • To encourage and support Territorial and Municipal Councils.

It works through the Plenary of the Council and of the Delegated, Sectoral and Specialized Technical Standing Committees. Konfekoop is represented in the Plenary and on the Integration and Family Standing Committees, and collaborates in all the ambits that are dealt with.

The Konfekoop representative is Karmele Acedo


Bai Euskarari