SEE – Social Economy Europe is the highest representative of the Social Economy in the European sphere, in which CEPES actively participates in the position of one of its Vice-chairmanships.

The SEE’s activity over the last few years has been focussing on monitoring European matters like the Services Directive, Communication of Services of General Interest, structural funds, the interior market, state grants or the re-launching of the Statutes of the Europa Association and the European Mutual Society. All this is in coordination with the Intergroup for the Social Economy of the European Parliament and the Social Economy Category of the European Economic and Social Committee. 

The SEE has published a guide entitled: Guide to Good Social Economy Practices in Favour of Disabled People. Likewise, it has adopted a standpoint when faced with initiatives like the defence of the tax system for cooperatives, social services of general interest as well as the defence of entrepreneurship plurality in Europe through the Statutes of the European Mutual Society and Association.


Bai Euskarari