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POYAM VALVES has been awarded a contract for Jiangsu LNG Receiving terminal in China

16/12/2009 - AMPO S. COOP - POYAM VALVES has signed contract with HQCEC (Huanqiu Contracting Engineering Company), who is the EPC company belong to CNPC (China National Petroleum Corporation) to build Jiangsu LNG Receiving terminal in China. The scope of supply is manual and On-Off cryogenic top entry ball valves, globe valves and swing check valves, up to 1500# and 28".

This is Petrochina´s 1st LNG receiving terminal that it is building in the same time as Dalian LNG. Petrochina has confidence in Poyam cryogenic valves, due to Poyam has over 4000 cryogenic valves are operating in China.

The end user is a joint venture between 3 company, PetroChina Co, Pacific Oil and Gas Company and Jiangsu Guoxin Asset Management Group and they are building a LNG terminal in West Taiyangsha artificial island near the seashore of Huanghai, in Rugong, Jiangsu province, with over 10bn yuan investment.

Petro China holds 55%of the stocks, Pacific Oil and Gas Company holds 35% and Jiangsu Guoxin Asset Management Group holds 10%. It marks the first time for PetroChina to build an LNG receiving station together with an overseas company.

Jiangsu LNG project consists of five parts: artificial island project, receiving station project, dock project, undersea gas pipeline project and the gas line projects. This project is mainly for receiving Qatar, Australia and other countries' LNG resources to meet the market demand of clean energy of Jiangsu province.
China has one operational LNG terminal in Guangdong with plans for another 12.