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Fran Alcantara - Technician

Safety and Environment

Safety and Reliability

At AMPO we foster a team-based approach to create an outstanding company where continuous satisfaction of customer, workforce and external collaborators nurtures positive results which develop growth, leading to the generation of wealth and new jobs in a cooperative framework of communication and active participation.

At AMPO we are committed to improving and protecting the safety and health of our workforce; preventing contamination and complying with Environmental Legislation. We must therefore manage the natural resources efficiently and minimize the environmental impact caused by our business activity.

Total reliability in the most severe conditions

AMPO valves are thoroughly tested by simulating extreme working conditions. The most modern in-house test facilities together with our QA/QC System, ensure optimum valve performance and reliability.

The reliability and durability of our products is achieved by continuous development of materials, advanced engineering and strict adherence to good workshop practice.

“Customer satisfaction is our main guarantee for the future, so it must always be our highest priority”

PDF - Certificate ISO 14001:2004Certificate ISO 14001:2004