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Alex Eizmendi & Iñaki Aizpeolea - Japan & Korea Team

AMPO Engineering

Process analysis, Design and Improvement

Work groups are formed in close cooperation with the customer for the purpose of troubleshooting processes using the tools and means available at AMPO. In addition to in-house resources, close ties with specialist research centres ensure that such analyses are always to the customer’s satisfaction.

The combination of the know-how of plant personnel and of AMPO Engineering leads to truly satisfactory results in process innovative design, development of new solutions and engineering support to Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams.

Modular Design

In order to make easier the components installation and to improve process reliability AMPO Engineering builds sub processes, miniplants and spools prepared for being installed directly at site. In close cooperation with the customer, plant process is analyzed, innovation is introduced and the module is constructed, checked and tested. It is sent ready for installation avoiding cleaning processes, commissioning tests and failure possibilities.

Training plan for qualified personnel

Close cooperation with the customer leads to the drafting of a training plan for the plant’s construction, operation and maintenance staff. This training schedule addresses aspects related to valves, motors, positioners, regulation, etc, focusing on preventive maintenance and valve know-how in order to ensure the plant is self-sufficient, insofar as possible.

Training may be held on site or at AMPO Valve’s facilities.

“Our aim is engineering efficiency: Our engineers are ready to help customers meet the most demanding design challenges and applications”