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Legal information

Ampo, S. Coop. is a company registered in Euskadi Cooperatives Registre with the number 86.3.229.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

This entire website: text, images, trademarks, logos, audio and video files, buttons, software files, colour combinations, as well as the structure, selection, arrangement and presentation of its contents, is protected by Spanish and international laws on Intellectual and Industrial Property. Likewise, and without prejudice to the aforementioned information, the content of this website also has the category of computer programme, and all existing Spanish and European Community regulations on this matter are applicable to it. The total or partial reproduction of this website or any of its contents without express written permission by Ampo, S. Coop. is strictly forbidden.

Users must abstain from obtaining and even attempting to obtain the contents, using methods or procedures other than those that, according to each case, have been placed at their disposal for these purposes or that have been indicated to this respect on the websites where they are found.

User access to the website

The pages may be freely visited by users, except those which are included in closed areas or areas for registered users only.

The user undertakes to use the pages in accordance with the Law, this Legal Information, the Particular Conditions of certain Services and other notifications, regulations of use and instructions communicated to the user, as well as with generally accepted ethics and good practice, and public order.

Personal data protection policy

The criteria and rules followed by Ampo, S. Coop. regarding the use of data that you freely and voluntarily provide through our website are those indicated on this page.

Ampo, S. Coop. adheres to the AECE Data Protection Code and it undertakes to respect it at all times.

Our data protection policy may vary due to possible changes in legislation or in the criteria arising from the Data Protection Agency, but in all cases, these will be necessary variations to bring our policy in line with existing legislation and with the protection criteria of users and consumers. To this effect, we will keep you informed of any changes through this page.

The details you give us will be entered on a database which is the property and responsibility of Ampo, S. Coop., address: Barrio Katea, s/n 20213 Idiazabal - Gipuzkoa. These databases are listed in the Spanish Data Protection Agency's General Register of Data Protection (RGPD).

The purpose of the collection and automated treatment of personal data is to maintain the contract relationship, where applicable, established with Ampo, S. Coop., the management, administration, provision, extension and improvement of the services which you decide to subscribe, register, or use the adaptation of the aforementioned services to the users' preferences and tastes, the study of the use of the services by users, the design of new services related to the aforementioned services, the sending of services updates, the sending, by traditional and electronic means, of technical, operative and commercial information about the products and services offered by Ampo, S. Coop. and/or by third-parties, currently and in the future. The purpose of the collection and automated treatment of personal data also includes the sending of questionnaire forms, to which you are under no obligation to reply.

If you do not wish us to have any of your details, or if you wish to know the details we have about you, or if you wish to modify them, or have them deleted from our databases, you may contact us personally, at the company address by ordinary post, or by sending an e-mail to, or by calling us on 943 80 53 43 or by fax to 943 88 88 47. If you wish, you may download the official forms from the Data Protection Agency:

Exercising the right of access. Request for information on the personal details included in a file.

Exercising the right of cancellation. Request for cancellation of personal details that are the object of treatment included in a file.

Exercising the right of correction. Request for correction of inaccurate or incorrect personal details that are the object of treatment included in a file.

We would like to inform you that when you connect to our website, the computer where it is located automatically recognises your computer's IP address, the day and time you entered and left, and in which parts of the page you have moved. Our computer needs this information from your computer in order to be able to communicate with it so as to send you what you are requesting from the navigator and display it on your screen. Neither we nor our computer can know your personal details, such as your name, address, telephone number, etc. if you personally have not given them to us.

The personal details that you give us will not be given to any company, and we will only use them to send you our products and promotions, or information on the same, if you so wish.

We would like to inform you that your details will NOT be available to third parties at any time. We will only use your details for the purposes indicated in this document.

Other Conditions

Ampo, S. Coop. Reserves the right to modify the contents of this website at any time.

This Legal Notice by Ampo and all relations that may be established between the user and Ampo, S. Coop. shall be controlled by Spanish legislation.

The use of the website entails acceptance of the general conditions of use.