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What do people think of the certificate?

Here are the opinions that appear in our leaflet:

  • Lehiakortasuna - Competitiveness (Arlan): "Linguistic diversity is a real competitive advantage; in our case, Basque makes us more competitive"
  • Kalitatea - Quality (Sokoa): "The Bai Euskarari certificate means we are able to be leaders in our sector"
  • Gertutasuna - Closeness (Nekatur): "The certificate has shown that we are close to our clients, and that we offer a service that meets their needs".
  • Harremanak - Relationships (Athletic Club): "Thanks to the certificate, we have improved our relationships with our supporters and members"
  • Konfiantza – Confidence (SaskiBaskonia): "With the Bai Euskarari certificate, we have realised that people now have more trust in us".
  • Balio erantsia – Distinguishing value (Mendia optika): "The Bai Euskarari certificate is a sign of quality, in that it demonstrates our ability to also offer our services in Basque"
  • Egokitzapena - Adaptation (Caja Laboral - Euskadiko Kutxa): "Living as we do in a Basque environment, the Bai Euskarari certificate allows us to demonstrate our full adaptation to this environment"
  • Profesionaltasuna - Professionalism (Iurreta Institutua): "To be able to work in Basque, the first step consists of studying in Basque. We are at this stage at the moment, i.e. training Basque workers"
  • Eskariari erantzuna – Response to demand (ELKAR liburu denda): "An increasing number of buyers use Basque. Thanks to the Bai Euskarari certificate, we can make it clear to them that we can serve them in their own language"

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