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What does the certificate offer my business?

The use of Basque provides entities with advantages and benefits of all kinds: value-added, greater competitiveness, more professionalism, closeness and confidence to the client, etc. Within businesses, it results in greater motivation among employees, greater levels of personal satisfaction and commitment, social responsibility, a better image of the business, greater credibility, etc. In short, Basque is a strategic, innovative commitment for any entity.

We are fully convinced that incorporating Basque into the socioeconomic environment is a strategic factor of the first order in the normalisation of this language. The Basquification of the socioeconomic environment is a strategic achievement for the normalisation of Basque, just as the use of Basque in businesses is also a key factor to its normalisation. As a result of the above, the Bai Euskarari certificate as a professional project that is independent and close to the community has, since its beginnings, has been of great strategic importance as a tool for fostering the use of Basque in this environment over the last 10 years.

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