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What is the usual response of businesses when obtaining the certificate? Are they prepared to work on and participate in the project?

Many businesses in Euskal Herria have assumed their responsibilities towards society. In this way, they have begun to adopt a series of measures to be able to offer quality products and services and become aware of the value-added that Basque represents in this process. Despite this, there are still many businesses that have not yet realised the benefits of Basque and see fostering the use of the language as a cost, not as an investment.

As a result of the above, at Ziurtagiriaren Elkartea we are working to explain and increase awareness of the benefits that can come with the use and integration of Basque: social responsibility, value added, quality of the service provided, etc. Entities that incorporate Basque into their organisation by obtaining the certificate add an important asset to their management and in favour of their responsibility to society.

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