Ziurtagiriaren Elkartea

Ziurtagiriaren Elkartea has implemented the strategy for the Basquification of the workplace since 2007, with the Bai Euskarari certificate as its main tool.

In 2000, the Basque Associations Council (Euskararen Gizarte Erakundeen Kontseilua) created the Bai Euskarari certificate; however, the entity responsible for its integrated management since 2007 has been Ziurtagiriaren Elkartea. Its main role is to prospect for and encourage new areas for Basque, by promoting avenues for collaboration between entities in the socioeconomic context.

The Bai Euskarari certificate is the result of a participatory, dynamic and planned process that is undergoing constant improvement with the help of the users.

Since its inception Ziurtagiaren Elkartea has become the benchmark for society, taking decisive steps forward in the improvement, promotion and dissemination of its work.

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