Plone 4: Speed, Power & Beauty

We're proud to announce Plone 4, the latest version of our state-of-the-art open source CMS. It's faster, more powerful and more beautiful than ever before.

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Under the hood

Plone 4 brings significant performance improvements — it's 50% faster than Plone 3. It's more memory efficient, and serves massive files and video without breaking a sweat.

Plus, all of this Python & NoSQL goodness is wrapped in a sparkling new theme that is beautiful, accessible and easy to customize.

Plone Powered

Large enterprises, small businesses, non-profits, universities and governments around the world have chosen Plone for their websites, intranets and extranets. When security, scalability, accessibility and approachability count —
Plone delivers.

We're proud to power websites for Nokia, Amnesty International, Discover Magazine, the Government of Brazil, the Nordic Council, the universities of MIT, Harvard & Penn State, the Free Software Foundation and thousands of others.

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