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Hey iOS6 users: Trouble tweeting a photo in Twitter for iPhone? Go to the Settings app > Privacy > Photos > make sure Twitter is ON.

...And we're back! Profile photo uploads and design settings changes are good to go. Thanks, everyone.

The Design settings page is currently unavailable. Never fear, our engineers are working to resolve the issue!

We've temporarily disabled profile photo and background image uploads. Thanks for your patience, we'll have them back ASAP!

We're working to resolve an issue with profile photo uploads in IE 8 or earlier. For now, uploading in another browser should do the trick!

Twitter for iPhone and iPad update is now available to address an issue with autocomplete mentions on iOS 6.

Having some trouble with autocomplete on Twitter for iPhone and iPad? Please visit for more information!

Pssst! Have you upgraded your browser lately? Just a friendly Friday reminder to check for the latest version here:

Some users may be experiencing duplicate mentions and retweets in their connect tab. Our engineers are currently working on this issue.

FYI: When uploading your new header photo, be sure your image has minimum dimensions of 1252×626. The maximum file size is 5MB.

We have temporarily disabled profile settings changes for all users. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Thank you for bearing with us.

We're investigating an issue with background images and profile photos on accounts. We'll get this resolved ASAP.

Engineers are investigating an issue with profile picture uploads. Thanks for your patience while we resolve it.

Our Scheduled Updates maintenance has been completed successfully. Thanks for your patience.

Well, that was fast! Issues with profile image uploads have been resolved. Carry on, tweeps!

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Twitter está saturado o no disponible temporalmente. Inténtalo de nuevo o visita Estado de Twitter para más información.