The CSCE-EKGK was instituted by Act of Parliament 1/1982 of 11 February on Cooperatives in the Basque Autonomous Community, and formally constituted on 28 January 1983. It has collaborated in a decisive way in the setting up of Cooperatives Federations, and has also worked to achieve an international presence at the highest level (in October 1988 the CSCE-EKGK became a member of the International Cooperatives Alliance-ICA).


The Cooperatives Federations got down to work between 1988 and 1991, and through these bodies the CSCE-EKGK has been channelling the concerns and proposals of the cooperative movement in order to situate itself in the new competitive medium with its own cooperative identity. Once the proposals had been examined in collaboration with experts in cooperative legislation, a draft Bill was drawn up which became the Act of Parliament 4/93 on the Cooperatives in the Basque Autonomous Community.


The constitution of Konfekoop –Basque Cooperatives Confederation– in 1996 in line with the above-mentioned Act of Parliament 4/93 required that the functions and internal organisation of the CSCE-EKGK be adapted accordingly.

Konfekoop's main project, which was carried out jointly with the CSCE-EKGK and the Government of the Basque Autonomous Community, was the “Agreement on Intentions and Collaboration between the Basque Government-CSCE-Konfekoop”.


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