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Innobasque, the Basque Agency for Innovation, is a private, not-for-profit association, set up to coordinate and drive forward innovation in the Basque Autonomous Community in all its spheres in order to foster the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity.

Innobasque is made up of the agents of the Basque Network for Science, Technology and Innovation, private enterprises, Basque public institutions, institutional representatives of Basque business people and workers, and all kinds of organisations linked to innovation.
Innobasque aims to offer a powerful platform and collaboration network for all these agents through which to develop activities that will promote the values and attitudes associated with innovation in Basque society, actions that will transmit to the outside world the image of an innovative Basque Country, an advanced hub for R+D+Innovation and all those that contribute towards generating the dynamics for innovation in Basque enterprises, companies and organisations.

The Konfekoop representative is Patxi Ormazabal




This Forum for Competitiveness 2015 of the Basque Autonomous Community was opened in 2004 with the idea of serving as a channel of participation to come up with a new competitiveness strategy. The participation in the form of “working breakfasts” and “workshops” was finally crystallised in the document “Corporate Competitiveness and Social Innovation: Bases for Strategy and Lines of Action”, which shortly afterwards became the Scheme for Corporate Competitiveness and Social Innovation 2006-2009.

This same period also witnessed another participation process with the development of a White Paper on the strategy for science and technology, and intense work by groups. Once this process had been brought into line with the competitiveness strategy, it was turned into the new Scheme for Science, Technology and Innovation 2015. The website gathers together a broad testimony of the whole background of the two schemes, because not in vain do they constitute the two pillars on which rests our project to turn the Vision of the Basque Autonomous Community 2015 into reality.

But as the very goal of the Forum indicates, it has been set up with the intention of continuing, not just to launch the strategy. Before us we have the goal of a second great economic transformation towards the knowledge society which within a decade has to turn us into a model of Innovation in Europe. To steer this transformation, reflection has to be kept alive, debate has to be fed and the whole thing has to be turned into an ongoing process that will generate fresh shared knowledge to facilitate the transition and reformulation of the Schemes.

What this website should aspire to be, in the end, is an example of social innovation based on networks for participation. So this website is not a knowledge portal on competitiveness, but has a social character linked to the modern idea of governance, and only sets out to include social processes, which, through participation, will contribute towards determining public policies.

We have to succeed in drawing up a permanent agenda in which we will be progressively tackling the main critical elements of our competitive development. The method will always be opinion, presence, discussion, etc., because what is crucial is the participation and consolidation of a public policy network. In addition, the so-called social software will provide us with valuable help to place all these processes on record and keep them alive beyond the time of active presence.

The Konfekoop representatives are Patxi Ormazabal and Lorea Soldevilla


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