An institution that works by coordinating and centralising all the actions that correspond to the Basque Autonomous Community in the sphere of workplace safety, hygiene, environment and health. It works through the General Council and Territorial Commissions. Given the importance of health and safety at work, on the one hand, and the sheer number of enterprises that Konfekoop represents, on the other, a proposal was made that it should be represented in this institution. It is currently represented both on the General Council and on the Territorial Commissions.

Konfekoop and OSALAN are involved in working out a collaboration agreement in the sphere of workplace hazard prevention. This agreement aims to promote and develop plans of action in Workplace Health and Safety, so that a better understanding and implementation of these matters in the Cooperatives can be achieved, and a flow of information between the two institutions can be established. The lines of work to be developed are:

  • Training in Prevention
  • Information and Communication
  • Management and Promotion of a Culture of Prevention
  • Participation in Working Groups, and Technical and Scientific Collaboration in Project Development

The Konfekoop representatives are:
General Council: Juan Mari Concha


Bai Euskarari