Euskadi Koop




Forokoop, “Forum for Cooperative Debate”, arises out of a shared concern between the CSCE-EKGK –Basque Cooperatives Supreme Council– and Konfekoop –Basque Cooperatives Confederation–, in connection with the need to reflect on cooperative matters, both theoretical and of practical application.

When we approached the idea of setting up this “Forum for Cooperative Debate”, we looked at traditional models –forums for face-to-face discussion on specific aspects of cooperativism– and also considered the advisability of introducing the new technologies as a tool for setting up an ongoing discussion forum in real time.
What we are proposing, at the end of the day, is a mixed model, a face-to-face one and a virtual one that will enable us to maintain a “face-to-face forum”, in which we will be examining specific problems relating to our cooperative world and the social economy, and an “ongoing discussion forum”, the virtual one, in which any kind of discussion, philosophical or practical, relating to cooperativism can take place.

We came into being with a modest approach in the sphere of basque cooperativism; but we are also aware of the responsibility we have as a model of cooperativism in the world; we will be required to strive to meet this challenge, since these tools we want to use, these new technologies, come to us from all over the world.

We should like to take this opportunity to invite you to cooperate, to participate in this forum, to express your concerns and reflections, your suggestions and your criticisms.




EUSKADI Koop is a programme broadcast by Localia (Canal Bizkaia, Localia Gipuzkoa, Canal Gasteiz, and Localia Txingudi) in collaboration with Konfekoop and it aims to:

• Provide the public with information relating to Basque Cooperativism and which could be of interest
• Cover the news on the activities of the main agents in the sector rigorously, fully and from close quarters
• And interact throughout in the first person with the people responsible for running these Cooperatives, and their representative associations



Bai Euskarari