Basque Culture Day

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

San Francisco Basque Cultural Center

"Zer Irakurri, Hura Ikasi - What one reads is what one learns"

This year's Basque Culture Day will feature authors introducing their news books that have been released this year, along with the re-dedication of the Basque library, located at the San Francisco Basque Cultural Center.

A touring NABO photo exhibit will be on display throughout the day.



Gerald Hirigoyen, famed San Francisco Basque Chef will discuss the inspirations for his cook book, Pintxos, which was released earlier this year.  Complimentary pintxos will be served to sample and Gerald will also do a book signing. 




The Martin Minaberry Library


The Basque Library at the San Francisco Basque Cultural Center will be put back into circulation and will be re-dedicated in memory of Martin Minaberry, who started the library back in 1984.


Dr. Sandra Ott, Co-Director of the Center for Basque Studies, will speak on the subject of Basque literary works in the context of the preservation and promotion of Basque culture and identity.


Gardeners of Identity - Basques in the San Francisco Bay Area, (2nd edition) authored by Dr. Pedro Oiarzabal will be released at this event and a presentation will be given.  The first edition was published this Spring by the Basque Government as the 23rd volume in their landmark Urazandi series and had limited distribution, mostly to University Libraries.  This updated second edition is published by the Center for Basque Studies.  




Christine Echeverria Bender, a Boise, ID based writer with roots in the Basque town of Lekeitio (Bizkaia), has published The Whaler's Forge this summer, a story about a Basque whaler forgotten by his ship on the North-American coast.

In the context of her latest historical novel, Christine will give a presentation on the history of Basque whaling in North America.

4:00pm - 5:30pm



The day's presentations will conclude with a dinner at the Basque Cultural Center, 7:00pm.  Please make your pre-paid reservations by mailing a check, payable to the “BEO”, to BEO, P.O. Box 31861, San Francisco, CA 94131-0861, by October 29th.  The cost is $30 per person.

For any questions please contact Nicole Sorhondo at 415-285-0748 or at and for more information on the BEO please check