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San Inazio 2012: Thank you to all

Another great San Inazio weekend enjoyed by so many Basques and non-Basques alike. Thank you to the volunteers who gave their time to work at the booths or behind the scenes. Your names are included in the lists below - if we missed someone we are very sorry and we will thank you in future newsletters.

I would also like to personally thank the Board of Directors and the employees of the Basque Center. All your hard work and organization made the festival run so smoothly and your willingness to help whenever needed was very much appreciated. Looking forward to San Inazio 2013!

Eskerrik asko,
Martin Bilbao

Thank you volunteers!


Fr. Henry Carmona, Fr. Brian May, Fr. Ben Uhlenkott, Deacon Steve Germain, Toni Bicandi, Bihotzetik Choir, Ysabel Bilbao, Liz Lejardi Coleman, Danielle Day, Jose Luis Egiluz, Patty Gabica-Haas, Cecil Jayo, Scott Kaltenecker, Joni Krakau, Patty Miller, Debbie Moody, Oinkari Dancers, Onati Dancers, Shelbye Weaver, Ariana Ysursa, Daniela Ysursa, Ramon Ysursa, Begone Zabala

Food Booth

Gerri and Hank Achurra, Mimi Godoy, Danielle Ayarra-Marquette, Oinkari Dancers, Cece Uranga

Friends and Family Night

Aiztan Artean, Basque Museum Board, Biotzetik Basque Choir, Cenarrusa Foundation Board, Euzkaldunak, The Oinkari Basque Dancers, Udaleku Parents, Xanti Alcelay, Ellen Ansotegui, Toni Bicandi, Fermin Bilbao, Mary Ann Cook, Joni Krakau, Jaclyn Lasuen, Jennifer Lasuen, Isana Urquidi, Ricardo Yanci


Jesus Alcelay, Flora Aldazabal, Martin Bilbao, Sandy, Tom, & Alex Bishop, John & Sharon Boyd, Ryan Boyd, Anita Bumgarner, Anne & Jean Cihigoyenetche, Mary Cook, Connie Crookston, Patty Gabica, Susan Gavica, Erin Guerricabeitia, Gayle Hatch, Holly Holsman, Teri Lasuen, Txo Lasuen, Carole Morgan, Jack Olson, Steve Olson, Morgan Persons, Rod & Amy Wray, Ricardo Yanci

Beer Booth

Tracy Anchustegui, Andrea Anderson, Tucker Anderson, Anna Aramburu, Arana Family, Ysabel Bilbao , Alex Bishop, Sandy Bishop, Tom Bishop, Genie Brollier, Matea Burns, Natalie Burns, Jennifer Combs, Nicholas Combs, Michael Denny, Vicky Fitzgerald, Dave Garro, Sandra Garro, Idoia Guerricabeitia, Kristina Knox and Friend, Gina Landa, Miren Laughrin, Julian Lete, Tim Manning, Rich Myers, Stephanie Myers, O’Mahony Family, Morgan Persons, Carissa Wahl, Tim Wahl, Stephanie Yanci, Joe Ysursa

Ticket Sales

Toni Allen, Rick Allington, Gina Harris, Joann Aguirre Hoffman, Kimberly Keown, Blanch Macaulay, Amy Owen, Halie Owen, Taylor Owen, Mary Rigsby, Lori Smith, Amaia Totorica, Hailey Totorica, Louis Totorica, Maridee Totorica, Nella Zuloeta, Omar Zuloeta

Saturday Entertainment

Thanks to everyone involved in making the Saturday activities on the block such a fantastic part of the festival.

Thank you to Aitor Amuchastegui, Morrie Berriochoa and Chris Bieter for announcing throughout the day. Thanks to CP Audio for providing the sound and also the fantastic stage. And a special thank you to Warren Lemmon for providing sound the last several years.

Thank you also to Patty Miller, Mary Lou Guerricabeitia, Coro Goitiandia, Ray Mansisidor and a few special guests for playing great music to start out the day. Thanks to Jon Arrieta---Lifter; John Vergara---Lifter; Jose Luis Arrieta---Time Keeper/Coach; and PJ Mansisidor---Stone Setter/Spotter for their weight lifting exhibition. Their strength and willingness to keep the traditional lifting alive is something to be admired. Thank you to Gari Otamendi for his solo dance. What an amazing dancer he is and we were so fortunate to be able to see him at our own festival.

We would also like to thank all the performance groups that made the day great and brought many family members and fans to the Basque Block!
Boiseko Gazteak, Txantxangorriak, Oinkari Basque Dancers, Boise Fronton Association and all the pala players, Amuma Says No

Picnic Help

Jon Arrieta, Joe Fitzgerald, Vicky Urresti Fitzgerald, Mack Fitzgerald, Ed Guerricabeitia, PJ Mansisidor, Angie Marmillion, Nick McConnell, Monica & Dean Sorensen, Rod & Amy Wray

Boise Paleta Invitational

Congratulations Gabriel Dalia (San Francisco) and Matthew Etchepare (San Francisco) on winning the 4th Annual Paleta Invitational and to Esther Ciganda and Terry Elordi on winning the Baleen Invitational.

Thank you to all participants as well as our gracious sponsors: Euzkaldunak, NABO, Eusko Kirolak, Boise Fronton Association and McU's sports. Through their financial support, the Paleta Invitational has become a special part of the San Inazio festival.

Contact: Martin Bilbao (president@basquecenter.com)

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