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Udaleku 2012

Udaleku 2012 was a success! For two weeks Boise hosted 103 children from California, Nevada, Oregon, Wyoming, Idaho and Euskadi. The kids attended classes from 8:30 to 5:00 every day where they learned Euskara, Dance, Poxpolin (Txistu), Mus, Pala and Culture. After their classes during the day, the participants enjoyed learning how to Greek and Swing Dance, paella cooking class, Snake River Stampede Rodeo, a day at Txoko Ona, Idaho City Tour guided by Euskal Lagunak Basque Club (Mountain Home), Wahooz, swimming and parks.

The Udaleku Committee would like to say Eskerrik Asko to the following:

NABO for giving Boise the opportunity to host Udaleku 2012.
Euzkaldunak Board of Directors for its support.
Patty Miller and the Basque Museum and Cultural Center for the Museum tours and use of its space.
Boise Fronton Association for the use of the Fronton for pala classes.
Txoko Ona in Homedale, Gloria Lejardi and the wonderful members of Txoko Ona for hosting the children for a day where they enjoyed a little competitive sports such as txingas, horseshoes, tug of war, a wonderful lunch and a mini Mus tournament.
Euskal Lagunak Mountain Home Club, Goisalde Jausoro and Erin Acarregui for taking the kids to Idaho City for tours.
Aitzan Artean for its generous donation.
Sean Aucutt for designing the Udaleku tshirt.

To make Udaleku a great success and an experience the kids will soon not forget, it could not have been possible without the help of the following:

Our wonderful host families who opened their homes to the kids for two weeks:
Janice Mainvil, Adam Krueger and Andi Goyhenetche-Krueger, Kathy and Alli Olson, Jim and Susan Jensen, Santi and Kristen Guerricabeitia, Tony and Tara Eiguren, Dan and Nikki Totorica, Gary Betts and Kim Blackburn, Dirk Haas and Patty Gabica Haas, KC Odenkrantz and Miren Lete-Odenkrantz, Greg and Larinda Spencer, Genie Brollier, Pablo and Teresa Aramburu, Bryan and Rachel Bolles, Carl Papapietro and Tere Achabal-Papapietro, Anthony McLeod and Amy Beitia-McLeod, JP and Leandra Lete, Rich and Kerri Tullis, Chris and Pam Sprute, Jeremy Malone and Ana Mendiola, Bryan and Marie Day, Jim Mendiguren, Phil and Anita Murelaga, Barbara Gibbons

Some of the host families had up to 6 children in their homes and while they had the space to house the kids transporting the kids to and from the Basque Center was an issue. Thank you to the following individuals who helped transport the participants on a daily basis.
Martin Bilbao, Joe Lasuen, Annie Gavica, Alaina Gavica, Amy Wray, Ricardo Yanci, Michael Guerricabeitia, Tyler Smith, Ryan Boyd, Johnny Boyd, Ysabel Bilbao, Teresa Franzoia

With housing and transportation covered, we could have not been able to hold classes without the following individuals who were instrumental in instructing the classes and volunteering for the two weeks.
Instructors: Jexux Larrea - Dance, Mattin Larrea - Dance, Eneko Espino - Poxpolin (txistu), Paul Cordoba - Pala, Itxaso Cayero - Euskera, Garazi Aranguren - Euskera, Lisa Corcostegui – Culture, Dan Ansotegui – cooking, Patty Miller – Singing and Museum Tours, Txapas Txapartegi and Marije Zumeta - singing

Volunteers and aides:
Olaia Urquidi, Isana Urquidi, Rachel McIntosh, Hailey Totorica, Amaia Totorica, Ellie Ansotegui, Bo Norton, Alli Olson, Nerea Sarria, Danielle Day, Maialen Goyhenetche, Annie Gavica, Alaina Gavica, Alex Betts, Alex Wray, Josie Wray, Johnny Boyd, Eneko Bereziartua, Sam Snodgrass, Monique Flesher, Goisalde Jausoro, Erin Acarregui, Kristen Guerricabeitia, Susan Jensen, Nikki Totorica, Kim Blackburn, Andi Goyhenetche-Krueger, Greg and Larinda Spencer, KC Odencrantz, Enrike Corcostegui, Ane Muruamendiaraz Telleria, Angela Tipton, Elena Tipton, James Sangroniz, Janice Mainvil, Rod and Amy Wray

Mil, mil esker to all of you! Without your support and generosity we would not have been able to make Udaleku the great success it was. Isn’t it a great feeling to know how much we impacted the future of the young Basque children that were in Boise for these two weeks? They say it takes a village and, in the case of Udaleku, we realized how true this saying is.

We sincerely hope we have not forgotten anyone associated with Udaleku but if we have, please accept our apologies – it was a whirlwind two weeks with participants, instructors, aides, volunteers, housing families, transportation providers and many others coming and going. While we may have inadvertently forgotten to include you in this list, you were an important part of the success we had.

Udaleku Committee
Gina Ansotegui Urquidi, Miren Lete and Ana Mendiola

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