Anne Etchegoyen will make a special appearance at the San Francisco Basque Cultural Center on Saturday evening, October 6th, 7:30pm.  For reservation details, please click here.


Anne Etchegoyen has today made the voice of the Basque Country a feminine one. In this country of male voices, Anne has brought a fresh wind to the world of Basque song. She started at the age of eight in the local youth chorus of her home town of Donapaleu (Baxenabarre). After many Basque song contests, numerous concerts and “kantaldi”, a musical Basque comedy, several years at the musical conservatory of Baiona and Bordeaux studying classic song, she was selected to sing the French national anthem at the opening ceremony of the Athletic Championships at the Stadium of France in 2003.

Anne’s latest CD, Otentik, was released in 2005 and her next CD is due out this summer. Otentik is mainly made up of Basque songs with a few in French and Castilian, the three languages of Euskal Herria. The Basque songs are a mixture of contemporary ones and traditional ones with a classical arrangement, accompanied by acoustic instruments, which are primarily the piano, guitar and violin. A couple of the tracks were recorded with the all male chorus of Adiskideak and were recorded in the church in the Basque coastal village of Bidarte (Lapurdi). In December of 2006 Anne recorded a few tracks on a Basque Christmas CD with the all male chorus of Aizkoa. Far from stereotypical, Anne Etchegoyen captivates you with her extraordinary voice, her interpretations and stage presence.

Press Reviews

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L'ÉCLAIR “Anne Etchegoyen, the voice of angels…”

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SUD OUEST PAYS BASQUE “Anne Etchegoyen, a passionate voice...Lovers of music can rejoice at the release of her latest single…”