Text Box: Jeronima “Jeri” Echeverria is a Text Box: the parliamentary laws regarding the diaspora (grants, voting rights in Basque Country elections, privileges for Centers and individuals); and compare our NABO and Basque community activities to other ethnic diasporas in the United States. She will also discuss the other two political administrative structures, the Autonomous Community of Navarre and France/Aquitaine/Pyrenees Atlantiques - and the current effort in Iparralde to divorce itself Text Box: Gloria Totoricaguena is a member of the faculty of the Center for Basque Studies.  Dr. Totoricaguena will present an analysis and comparison of "Basque Diaspora-Homeland Relations".  She will give a brief history of the Basque Government-in-Exile Delegations which were placed in many countries throughout Europe and the Americas; a basic explanation of the current governmental structure of the Basque Government; explain Text Box: Jeronima “Jeri” Echeverria
Text Box: Gloria Totoricaguena


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Text Box: Pedro Oiarzabal
Text Box: etc.
The lecture will also concentrate on the ways in which the events of 9/11 have changed the above picture as a result of the USA involvement in global politics and the new prominence of terrorism both in the Basque Country and the world. 
Text Box: Joseba Gabilondo is an Assistant Professor at the Center for Basque Studies. Dr. Gabilondo’s lecture will deal with new ways to think of the Basque Country and its cultures. Who is Basque? What is Basque Culture? The lecture will emphasize the fact that the diasporic Basque Country is at the center, not at the periphery, of a new global definition of Basque identity, politics, and culture. The lecture will present examples from film, literature, art,

Guest Speakers

Text Box: Mark Kurlansky
Text Box: Mark Kurlansky is the world-renowned author of The Basque History of the

Gloria Totoricagüena presents inaugural
address for Third World Basque Congress.

from the department Pyrenees Atlantiques and form its own Department Pays Basque, as that relates to the decentralization process that is occurring in France.

answer the question. Pedro will share results of his work, which are being considered for a forthcoming publication. 

Text Box: Joseba Gabilondo

Mark Kurlansky’s Basque History of the World spent several weeks on the Bay Area’s Best Seller list after its release in 1999