Hezinet / HABE

Hezinet installation 

at the San Francisco Basque Cultural Center


The Hezinet Multimedia Basque Language Teaching Software program, has been installed at the San Francisco Basque Cultural Center's computer lab, on March 9th, 2002.  This is a joint effort with the BEO, Basque Cultural Center, NABO & HABE (Autonomous Basque Government - Department of Culture - Institute for teaching Basque language to adults).


The Hezinet software, produced by Aurten Bai, teaches the student the Basque language through a series of six courses that are divided into units and sessions.  Each session uses either graphical illustrations, audio or video to teach that session's concept.  The student then takes one of the varied tests, and then moves onto the next session.  A teacher or tutor is assigned to each student, and monitors their progress, through the Hezinet software.  To view a brief demonstration of Hezinet, please click here.


For more information on Hezinet in San Francisco, please contact Robert Acheritogaray, and for information on Hezinet outside of San Francisco, please contact the NABO Euskara Chairman, Martin Goicoechea.


Standing from Left to Right: Kinku Zinkunegi (HABE), Ani Franzoia, Benan Oregi (Basque Government), Martin Goikoetxea, Pierre Etcharren, Johnny Kurutxet.  Kneeling from Left to Right: Philippe Acheritogaray, Ibon Olalde (Aurten Bai).


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