ENE 2008

Legal Status of Euskara Conference at Stanford University

On the occasion of the National day of Euskara (Euskararen Nazioarteko Eguna), which is observed annually on December 3rd, Eusko Ikaskuntza organized a conference on the legal status of euskara, and also took this opportunity to present a book with several papers on this subject by leading experts.  This book was edited by Dr. Gloria Totoricaguena and Dr. Inigo Urrutia and published by Eusko Ikaskuntza.  To read about the conference click here for the EuskoSare story.

The papers are presented here in PDF format:

The Legal Status of the Basque Language Today:
One Language, Three Administrations, Seven Different
Geographies and a Diaspora
Gloria Totoricagüena, Iñigo Urrutia, eds.
Author Paper
Urrutia, Iñigo & Totoricagüena, Gloria Introduction
Bastarache, Michel The Experience of Canada in Dealing with the Adoption of Legislation and the Administration of Justice in Two Official Languages at the Federal Level
Totoricagüena, Gloria The Basque Language Abroad: Homeland and Diaspora Initiatives for Euskara
Pons Parera, Eva International Legislation and the Basque Language
Milian-Massana, Antoni Recognition of the Basque Language in EU Law: A Pending Issue
Lasagabaster, Iñaki The Legal Status of Euskara in the French and Spanish
Constitutional Systems
Cobarrubias, Juan History of the “Normalization” of Basque in the Public Administration Sphere
Urrutia, Iñigo & Irujo, Xabier The Basque Language in the Basque Autonomous Community (BAC)
Irujo, Xabier & Urrutia, Iñigo Basque in the Foral Community of Navarre (CFN)
Jauréguiberry, Francis The Basque Language in the French State
Irujo, Xabier; Urrutia, Iñigo Final Considerations