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BILERAK:  Tri-annual meetings

Each member organization of NABO selects its own two voting delegates to represent them at NABO meetings.  Meeting dates and location vary, but generally meetings are in the Fall, Winter then the Summer Convention meeting.  Dates and location are determined by the club/organization that volunteers to host the meeting.  Visitors are welcome to attend the NABO meeting as observers if space allows, but please obtain confirmation by contacting Valerie Arrechea at President@nabasque.org

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NABO has three meetings a year, hosted by a member organization.  Our next meeting is:

NOIZ | When: 
Sat. Feb. 2, 2013
NON | Where:  Salt Lake City, UT



Nearest airport:  Salt Lake City


Delegate lunch provided by our hosts
Minutes form the previous NABO meeting

Computer or phone option:  Contact president@nabasque.org

Fall 2012 Meeting:  Mountain Home, ID

NABO officers at 2012 Elko meeting


Future Meetings:

Winter:  Salt Lake City--Sat. Feb. 2
Convention:  Elko, NV (II) do it again we like it!!
Fall: New York City-Sat. Oct. 12

Convention: Bakersfield, CA (Memorial Day weekend)
Fall: Rocklin, CA



Convention: Chino, CA (Labor Day weekend)

San Francisco: 2012

July 2010 Convention meeting in Boise, Idaho.  Overhead are the NABO flags, one each for the Canadian provinces and American states with Basque club members.

2010 Fall Meeting hosted by the Rocklin, CA club

Buffalo WY NABO-2011 - 03
2011 Convention hosted by the Buffalo, WY club

NABO Meeting Procedures: Timely, fair & orderly

These are based on Robert's Rules of Order, but ultimately we as a group decide what works best for us.  The aim is to find a viable formula to make our meetings timely, fair and orderly.

General five minute report rule.*  Each person speaking on a point on the agenda will be given an uninterrupted (no questions until finished) five minutes to briefly state (because delegates can later refer to specifics provided them in written form or online) the following points:
What was done/not done since the last meeting
> What is the primary aim(s) to accomplish by the next meeting
> What (if any) motions need to be raised and voted upon by the delegate.  A motion is first made, then it must be seconded to open a discussion.

*Some reports are exempt from this five minute cap, including the Treasurer's & Facilitator reports
, and periodically a Basque Government report.

Questions & discussion. Following each specific presentation (that is not interrupted by questions) up to a ten minute period of discussion begins on this agenda point (which allows for questioning, input, motions from the floor, etc.).  Note that all members wishing to speak about the motion receive the opportunity to speak before any one member speaks for a second time.

If discussion/questions ends before the ten minute period, then we move to the next agenda item.  If after ten minutes discussion continues, an automatic return to Robert's Rules of Order (specifically "Motion to Limit or Extend debate") will occur.  At this point all delegates vote whether to continue the discussion. 

If the majority votes YES, the discussion continues for up to five minutes (when again the automatic vote is triggered)

If a majority votes NO, there are now several options:
1) "Call to Question:" to form or restate a motion to bring the matter to a vote or
2) "Refer to Committee:"  the matter is now referred to a specific committee that is formed or an existing focus (advisory) group.
2) "Lay on the Table:" General discussion of the item is tabled.  Those still interested in the matter can follow up and it's possible to "take from the table" and reopen the matter at a latter time.
Highlights from some previous meetings:
2011 Salt Lake City
2010 Rocklin
2010 San Francisco
2008 Chino Convention
2008 Winter Meeting in Salt Lake City
2008 Convention: Winnemucca, NV
2007 Winter Meeting: San Francisco, CA
2006 Fall Meeting: Gardnerville, NV

NABO's history by Argitxu Camus' Book in pdf format

Minutes from the previous meetings

Minutes from the previous meetings are available here in pdf format
If you don't have this free software, click on adobepdf-free software download

2012 07 Elko
2012 02 San Francisco

2011 09 Montreal
2011 07 Buffalo
2011 02 Salt Lake City

2010 10 Rocklin
2010 07 Boise
2010 02 San Francisco

2009 10 Seattle
2009 07 Reno
2009 04 Salt Lake City

2008 11 Reno, NV
2008 08 Chino, CA
2008 02 Salt Lake City, UT

2007 10 Ontario, OR

2007 06 Winnemucca, NV
02 San Francisco, CA

2006 10 Gardnerville, NV
2006 07 Buffalo, WY
2006 02 San Francisco, CA

2005 09 Winnemucca, NV
2005 06 Rock Springs, WY
2005 02 Salt Lake City, UT

2004 10 Las Vegas, NV
2004 05 Bakersfield, CA
2004 02 Salt Lake City, UT

2003 11 San Francisco, CA
2003 07 Elko, NV
2003 02 San Francisco, CA

2002 11 Reno, NV

Meeting Report Booklets for Delegates

2012 Oct. Mtn. Home Fall meeting booklet (pdf)
          July Elko:  Convention Meeting Delegates booklet (pdf)
          Feb. San Francisco: Winter Meeting Delegates Booklet (pdf)
2011 Sept.   Montreal:  Fall Meeting Delegates Booklet (pdf)
          July Buffalo: 
Convention Meeting Delegates Booklet (pdf) Amended Euskara report
          Feb. Salt Lake City:  Winter Meeting Delegates Booklet (pdf)
2010 Fall Meeting (Rocklin): Committee Reports / Facilitator Report (pdf)
          July meeting (Boise): Committee Reports | Facilitator Report (pdf)
          Feb. meeting (SF): Committee Reports | Facilitator Report (pdf)
2009 Oct. meeting (Seattle): Committee Reports | Facilitator Report (pdf)

Robert's Rulers of Order quick reference

Fall 2005 Meeting hosted by the Winnemucca Basque Club.
Like most Basques, we work hard & play hard!