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What we have been asked to share with others

Our federation receives various notices and they are posted here in topical order and remain for at least a month.  Inclusion here does not imply that N.A.B.O. approves or vouches for the following, but we wanted to make this information available.

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>Here various people are looking into the possibility of coming here and if you and/or your Basque community would be open to that...


Lokarri's newsletter about the Basque peace process

Dissemination of the Declaration of Aiete  Sign up to our Newsletter

I am writing to you to offer myself as a painter in Basque topics.  These might be places where you have lived, chapels, villages, etc ... Once made the originals, we have made color lithographs of each painting, which you can give as a present to your customers.  Here you can see some of my works: http://www.retratosypaisajes.com/