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BIG HORN BASQUE CLUB: Buffalo, Wyoming

Our federation of Basque organizations is built upon the contributions of our members, that aim to assist each other in the pursuit of the same objective: the perpetuation of "Basqueness" (Basque culture and identity).

Big Horn Basque Club
P.O. Box 308
Buffalo, WY  82834
Joined 1982
See our page at EuskalEtxeak.net at Buffalo

Contact bighornbasque@wyoming.com for more general information and contact  basquedancers@wyoming.com  for dance group information

Buffalo 2011 program excerpts (pdf)

Buffalo 2011 kabalkada 04 ZAHARRER SEGI

The Basque dancers of Buffalo, Wyoming are known as "Zaharrer Segi".  We are a younger group, who has learned from the older generation.  The dancers range in age from adult to four years old.  We are supported by our local Basque Club, The Big Horn Basque Club.  The Zaharrer Segi dance group provides performances for public events both in our local community and in surrounding areas.  Most of the dances we perform originate from the region around the towns of Luzaide and Arneguy, in the Basque Country.  We enjoy our Basque heritage and hope to keep it alive for many more generations. 
Contact: Teresa Fieldgrove (307) 758-4540






radio photo.jpg (13115 bytes)
FORMER RADIO PROGRAM.  For 43 years, The Basque Radio Program continued weekly in Buffalo.  Here were some of the volunteers: 
Jeanette Esponda Maxwell, Domingo Martirena, Grace Esponda Miller,(?) & Jeanne Marie Etchemendy

radio photo3.jpg (17851 bytes)
Jeanette Esponda Maxwell, Jeanne Marie Etchemendy & Kate Camino

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Krystal Tysdal and Casey Esponda with Basque onlookers

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