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Artist: Anje Duhalde

Album: Sorminetan

Song: "Oi kanta berri"

Anje Duhalde, is a key-singer in the history of Basque song, a bridge between old and new generations. He is one of most influential singers among young Basque new interpreters and public. The mythical group Errobi, that he founded with Mixel Ducau, is considered a pioneering Basque rock group. He perfectly combines the influences of a John Hiatt or George Brassens together with traditional song and the bersolari tradition (Xalbador, Etxahun, Mattin,…), medling American country-folk-rock and with Basque roots. Many of his songs, melodic and torn, already belong to our shared musical memory.

The album “Sorminetan”, is a wonderful sample of the force of his compositions, highlighted here with “Oi Kanta berri”, an original composition of Mixel Labeguerie and, in this case, interpreted in duet with Benito Lertxundi

Download "Oi Kanta Berri"

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