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In the towns of the Baztan region every year this carnival time dance is performed.  Its origins are uncertain, but it appears to be a pre-Christian and thus a dance of magic--where the assumption that the ritual will produce a natural and/or supernatural effect.

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Sagar dantza


Sheet music
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Sagar dantza
(Arizkun) (mp3)

 Sagar dantza (mp3)
2nd version


Sagar dantza video ALL

Sagar dantza teaching

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Sagar dantza


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< Our workshop (Oct. 2009) for the "mutil dantzak" of the Baztan region of Nafarroa was conducted by our visiting Basque country instructor Patxi Larralde who has developed a system for the teaching of these dances.  These workshops are sponsored by N.A.B.O. and hosted by various Basque clubs.
NOTE:  The women's version of this was a variation developed in the 1920s.

Arizkun Sagar-dantza 2010 5550 by dantzan.