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Euskara (Basque Language) 

Euskara is the most distinctive ethnic marker of the Basque people and is truly unique.  Euskara is pre-Indo-European and it is not related to any other language in the world.  We have a wonderful opportunity to reclaim an important part of our heritage and be able to pass it on to the next generations.

Common Basque phrases with mp3 audio pronunciation files
Frequently Asked Questions about the Basque Language - Euskara by linguist Larry Trask
HABE - Institute for the Teaching of Basque
Euskara Videos for children.  These videos teach you how to ask, "who are you?" and "what are you?" and how to answer these questions


Ontarioko Euskaltegia (Ontario's Basque Language School)
On October 6, 2005 Ontario's Basque language school officially began Euskara classes.  While the children of Ontario, Oregon Basque Club have had Euskara instruction in the recent past, adults in the club have not had the opportunity to study Euskara locally since it was offered at Treasure Valley Community College in 1971. 

Students are using the Internet-based program Boga and they also meet at least once a month for mintza praktika (speaking practice).  There are separate classes for children and adults.  At the first class, the students had an introduction to how the Boga program works and also had their first mintza-praktika session.  By the end of class they were already speaking to each other and playing a game in Euskara. 

So far there are 43 students registered at the euskaltegi; 28 adults and 15 children.  Maria Barinaga Tipton is the coordinator of the program and Lisa Corcostegui is the instructor.  Both of them attended the NABO Boga workshop in Boise in January of 2005.

View Photos of Euskaltegi sessions...

Boga at Home
Ontarioko Euskaltegia is participating in a Basque language program offered through HABE,  the Basque Government and NABO.  Boga, an Internet-based language program is now available to Ontario Basque Club members.  This program allows you to study Basque on your own through the internet at home. Boga students will also get together once a month for practice and clarification.   Learn more about how this program works... 

Some of the students of the Ontarioko Euskaltegia after the first class in October 2005.