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Photo Gallery
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citizenship dinner 1941 Dinner at the Echanis Boarding House in Ontario celebrating newly acquired U.S. citizenship in 1941.  Standing left to right:  Juan Plaza, Jack Echanis, Frank Jayo.  Seated left to right: Anthony Yturri (teacher), Sam Gandarias, Joe Echanis, Juan Ybarzabal, Oscar Rosen, Genaro Plaza.  The man in the picture on the wall was boarder Domingo Corta.
Lamb Auction 1949 Individuals who participated in lamb auction in 1949.  Standing left to right are Louis Yturri, Charlie Redsull, George Beemus, Mable Riggs, Clayt Tschirgi, Joe Echanis, Ellis White, and George Yturri.  Leaning in front is George Warrington.
Jimmy Jausoro 1951 Jimmy Jausoro (second from left) and his orchestra performing at the Fourth Annual Apron and Overall Basque Benefit Dance held at Airport Community Hall in Ontario - 1951. Left to right: Joe Ansotegui, Jimmy Jausoro, Domingo Ansotegui, Dick Lendhart, John Arregui.
Timmie Timmie Yraguen Echanis in the kitchen at one of many Basque dances.  
Genaro and Dora Plaza Genaro and Dora Plaza won the money tree at the 1967 Ontario Basque Dance.
Sera and lamb Sera Uberuaga Mendiguren with lamb for auction at Annual Dance in 1972.  Dean Hislop is auctioneer in background.
1975 dancers with Maria Calzacorta 1975 Ontario Basque Dancers with instructor Maria Elena Calzacorta.
Gora Amerika Ontario Basque Dancers sing Gora Amerika at a Bicentennial celebration in Ontario in 1975.Left to right: Tina Echanis, Janice Mainvil, Carla Franks, Geno Bates, Lisa Tipton, Linda Mainvil, Angie Bates, Louise Mainvil, Maria Barinaga, and Joanne Mainvil.
1976 picnic Timmie Echanis, Joe Yraguen, Martina Echanis, Lawrence Echanis and Ed Aspitarte at 1976 Fathers' Day Picnic in Lions Park.
1977 picnic Manuel Ocamica plays trikitixa and friend Chapo from Burns accompanies with panderoa at the Father's Day Picnic at Lions Park in 1977.
Sera and John Menndiguren John and Serafina Mendiguren dancing at Annual Dance in 1977.
1978 Ruth Orosco, Marie Mendive, Timmie Yraguen Echanis, and Sera Echevarria Plaza in kitchen at 1978 Ontario Basque Dance held at the armory.
53rd Annual Dinner and Dance - 2000
dance00txankarreku.jpg (57750 bytes) 


Click on the image to the left to see more photos of this event
Beti Alai at Malheur County Fair 2001
President Gene Bates and Dance Instructor Maria Barinaga Tipton 2001 Click on the image to the left to see more photos of this event

55th Annual Dinner and Dance 2002

Lamb Auction at 55th Annual Ontario Basque Dance -  Bidder Dr. John Barinaga and nieces Elena and Angela

Click on the image to the left to see more photos of this event

Gaztemundu 2002

Left to right: Members Lisa Corcostegui, Maria Tipton and Juli Gundle with Linda Barinaga from Boise in Zarautz, Gipuzkoa.  The group, along with 34 others traveled to Euskal Herria as part of the Basque Government's Gazte Mundu 2002 program for Basque dance instructors. Here the group is dressed for Herri Eguna, an event in which the whole town dresses as baserritarrak or Basque farmers.  Juli Gundle, Maria Tipton and Lisa Corcostegui in front of Gernikako Arbola, the tree of Gernika. To see a special edition of Euskal Etxeak Magazine about the program click here.
The 2002 Capitol Holiday Tree passed through Ontario on its way to the White House
The 2002 Capitol Holiday Tree passed through Ontario on its way to the White House. Basco Logging, Inc. provided a new truck with a patriotic paint scheme and a co-owner driver, Nick Yraguen, to make the 30-day trip back east. The trip across the United States  followed the Oregon Trail. The Beti Alai Dancers pose with the Yraguen brothers. The 2002 Capitol Holiday tree pictured here on the truck was cut from the Umpqua National Forest near the Diamond Lake area. To learn more about the tree visit the 2002 Capitol Holiday Tree web page.
Visit from Basque Magician, Txan Magoa
In February 2003 Ontario Basque Club received a very special visit from Txan Magoa, a magician from the Basque Country.  Here Andrew helps him with a wand trick.  The magic show was presented in Basque and the audience participated by counting and repeating magic words. After the magic show Txan Magoa visited with audience members, including Enriqueta Mendazona, who was happy to have a conversation in Euskera.
56th Annual Dinner and Dance - 2003
56th Annual Dinner and Dance Clicking on the image to the left will take you to more photos from this event.
America's Global Village 2003
America's Global Village 2003 Clicking on the photo to the left will take you to more photos from this event.
World Congress of Basque Communities 2003 in Gasteiz, Araba
Grace Mainvil of Ontario Basque Club (left) and Anita Anacabe Franzoia of Elko Basque Club (center) represented N.A.B.O. at the Third World Congress of Basque Communities held in Gasteiz, Araba in July 2003. Lisa Corcostegui of Ontario Basque Club (right) attended the congress as a participant in the Gaztemundu Program and moderated this session  Participants in the Third World Congress of Basque Communities attended a dinner at the Basque parliament in Gasteiz, Araba in July 2003.  Left to right: Antoinette Sabarots (Seattle Basque Club), Mary Gaztambide (Salt Lake Basque Club), Grace Mainvil (Ontario Basque Club), and Lisa Corcostegui (Ontario Basque Club)
Beti Alai performs at Malheur County Fair 2003
A group of Beti Alai Dancers visits the livestock exhibits at the 2003 Malheur County Fair before their performance Click on the photo to the left to view more photos from this event
San Inazio 2003
Ontario Basque Club member Luci (Balanzategui) Gastanaga (second from left) with her cousin, Bishop Karmelo Etxenagusia  (third from left), her daughter, grandchildren, and Father Juan Vicente Gallastegui from Euskal Herria after mass at Boise's 2003 San Inazio celebration.  Etxenagusia and Gallastegui also celebrated mass at Blessed Sacrament in Ontario during their visit. Ontario Basque Club member Luci (Balanzategui) Gastanaga (second from left) with her cousin, Bishop Karmelo Etxenagusia  (third from left), her daughter, grandchildren, and Father Juan Vicente Gallastegui from Euskal Herria after mass at Boise's 2003 San Inazio celebration.  Etxenagusia and Gallastegui also celebrated mass at Blessed Sacrament in Ontario during their visit.
Baker Diocese Centennial Celebration
Beti Alai Dantzariak performed at the Baker Diocese Centennial Celebration in Redmond, Oregon on October 10, 2003.  Here they are pictured with Bishop Vasa. Beti Alai Dantzariak performed at the Baker Diocese Centennial Celebration in Redmond, Oregon on October 10, 2003.  Here they are pictured with Bishop Vasa.
November 2003 Meeting
President Philip Joyce reads correspondence at November 2003 meeting.  He is flanked by treasurer Melanie Berria and secretary Christina Tuttle.
Christmas Meeting and Potluck
Juanita Hoff displays the gift she chose and managed to hang onto until the very end. Click on the photo to the left to view more photos from this event
2003 Winter Wonderland Parade
Beti Alai Dantzariak participated in Ontario's 2003 Winter Wonderland Parade on Saturday, December 6th.  

Clicking on this photo will take you to more photos from the parade. 
Photos: The Berria Family

57th Annual Dinner and Dance - February 28, 2004
57th Annual Dinner and Dance

Click on this photo to view more photos from the 57th Annual Dinner and Dance

jaunartzea.jpg (54877 bytes) Zorionak to Matea, Andrew, and Elena who made their lehenengo jaunartzea or first communion at Blessed Sacrament Church on May 8, 2004.
preparation for America's Global Village Preparations for America's Global Village were in full swing the week leading up to the event. Click on the photo to see more photos
Global Village 2004 America's Global Village was held June 12, 2004.  Click on this photo to view more photos from the Global Village.
Our Summer picnic was held July 11, 2004.  Activities included a Txiki Txapelketa for the little ones and the first annual Euskathlon for the adults.  Four teams of six competed in seven challenges. The blue team emerged victorious but great fun was had by all.  Click on this photo to view more photos from the picnic.
mus night We held our first mus night on November 27, 2004.  It was an opportunity for members to learn to play the game or sharpen their skills.  If you missed it, be sure to make it to the next one!
second mus night Our second mus night was held after a DVD viewing of 1937: Along the Paths of Memory.  See more photos from this event
Boga Ontario Basque Language Co-Chairpersons, Maria Tipton and Lisa Corcostegui attended a two-day training seminar at the Basque Museum where they learned how to implement the computer program Boga.  Photo at left: Kinku Zinkunegi of HABE with Lisa and Maria. 
To see more photos from the seminar click here.
Ontario Basque Club delegates Grace and Lisa attended the Winter 2005 NABO meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Here, Grace, who is also NABO Treasurer listens to a presentation by Basque Government representative Benan Oregi.
58th Annual Basque Dinner and Dance 
txantxangorriak.jpg (135984 bytes) Members of Boise's Txantxan Gorriak delighted the crowd with traditional Basque music featuring trikitrixa and panderoak. 
Click on the photo to view all photos from Ontario, Oregon Basque Club's 58th Annual Dinner and Dance.  The event was also covered in Euskalkultura.com.
Summer Picnic 2005 
P1010055.jpg (229003 bytes) The green team was victorious at this year's Euskathlon held at the annual picnic. Look for more photos on this event later.
Jaialdi 2005 
jaialdi5_7.jpg (73522 bytes) Ontario, Oregon Basque Club was represented at Jaialdi 2005 in Boise by our dance group Beti Alai.  For more photos click on the photo to the left.
Basque mural in Vale, Oregon.  Read more about it...
Some of the Basque language students at the first class meeting of Ontarioko Euskaltegia on October 6, 2005.
Euskaltegi's Children's class

Euskara bihurtuko da loretxu bat, Gu, denok landatua...Ni ere bai!
Each ikasle in the Euskaltegi's children's class added their name to the flower that represents the Basque language that they planted and will care for so that it will grow to be vibrant and robust.

IMG_2335.jpg (58361 bytes) The annual Christmas party was held at the Train Depot on December 5th. 
0053.jpg (84297 bytes) Click the image for photos of the 59th annual dinner and dance
gari_beti_alaikoak.jpg (50766 bytes) Three of our Beti Alai dancers attended the 2006 Udaleku in Elko, Nevada.  In addition to learning dances, txistu, mus, Euskara, culture, panderoa, txalaparta, and pala they had the unique opportunity of improving their violin skills with Basque violinist and dancer Garikoitz Otamendi.  Club member Lisa Corcostegui was co-director and also taught at the two-week camp.  Click for more...
txapeldunak.jpg (57444 bytes) The 2006 Euskathlon Txapeldunak - the green team.  Click for more photos.
IMG_5087.jpg (75265 bytes) At left, the first demolition crew of the Basque Center renovation project.  Click the photo for more more images of the work underway.  We are fortunate to have received funding from the Basque Government for this very important step we are taking to assure a bright future for Basques in Oregon.
Grace Mainvil received her plaque for NABO's 2006 Bizi Emankorra Award at the winter 2007 NABO meeting in San Francisco.  For more photos from this event click the image on the left.
60th Annual Dance and Dinner - February 24, 2007.
Lisa Corcostegui attended the International Basque Studies Conference held at Boise State University on April 21, 2007 and presented a paper entitled Courting the Diaspora: The Basque Government in Exile and Dance in Boise (1940).  For more photos from this event click on the image.
On Saturday April 29, 2007  Ontario, Oregon Basque Club joined Basque communities across the globe by commemorating the bombing of Gernika on its 70th anniversary.  A sapling descended from the Gernikako Arbola was planted north of the Ontario Basque Center.
The club held its second annual mus tournament on May 27, 2007. Brothers-in-law Enrike Corcostegui and Rhett Tipton took first place and mother-son team Vicky and Richard Tuttle took second place.  For photos click on image at left.
Enrike and Rhett represented Ontario, Oregon Basque Club at the NABO tournament held in San Francisco on June 2, 2007. 

Coming soon - Udaleku 2007 in San Francisco.  Three of our Beti Alai dancers attended.
Vice president Lisa Corcostegui attended the IV World Congress of Basque Collectivities as a voting delegate in July 2007.  The congress was held in Bilbao
On July 31, 2007 Ontario had the privilege of watching a beautiful performance of dances from many regions of the Basque Country offered by Oñatz Dantzari Taldea from Oñati, Gipuzkoa.  The performance was held at the Malheur County Fair.  Ontario, Oregon Basque Club hosted a dinner for the musicians and dancers.
Beti Alai was one of several dance groups that performed for the Four Rivers Cultural Center's 10th Anniversary celebration on September 8, 2007.
Pete Cenarrusa presented a grant check and certificate for Ontario, Oregon Basque Club to Maria Tipton and Lisa Corcostegui at a luncheon sponsored by the Cenarrusa Foundation on October 19, 2007.  The club was granted funds to purchase equipment for Euskara classes and other cultural and educational activities.
IMG_1090.jpg (67540 bytes) Ontarioko Euskal Etxea (Basque Center) opened in Ontario's historic train depot on November 10, 2007.  Oregon First Lady Mary Oberst, Governor Kulongoski and Aitor Sotes, Delegate of the Basque Government in the U.S. were among the dignitaries attending.  
Fall 2007 NABO Meeting Fall 2007 NABO meeting  
Hall of Fame On November 11, 2007 the Society for Basque Studies in America inducted 6 of our members into its Hall of Fame: Lou Echanis, Martina Echanis, Timmie Echanis, Juanita Hoff, Josephine Keim, and Grace Mainvil.  The banquet was held at the Holiday Inn in Ontario.
Annual Dinner and Dance - coming soon
Global Village 2008 Ontario Basque Club participated in America's Global Village in 2008 by selling pintxoak at the concert on June 6, submitting an entry to the film festival and having a Basque village on June 7. In addition to pintxoak and txorizo sandwiches, there were Basque cultural displays, kids' activities, and two Kantuketan interactive music exhibits/listening stations.
Amerika Buffalo 2.jpg (70894 bytes) Five of our dancers attended Udaleku 2008 in Buffalo, Wyoming.  Member Lisa Corcostegui also went as an instructor. Campers had a unique experience and got to sleep in sheep wagons and learn about the sheepherder lifestyle from local volunteers.  They also studied dance, txistu, culture, Euskara, and more.
Cooking Class Ontario Basque Club re-initiated its cooking classes in summer 2008.  The first class  on cod was taught by Kitsie Joyce, Lucia Gastanaga and Jeanne Sagasta.
IMG_2645.jpg (55250 bytes) In July 2008 members participated in DNA testing to help University of the Basque Country students learn more about the environmental impact on the development of certain diseases among Basques.
Summer Picnic 2008 Our annual picnic and Euskathlon were held in the park next to the Euskal Etxea for the first time ever.  The weather was perfect and the food and company delightful. September, 14, 2008.
Christmas party 2008 The 2008 Christmas Party and potluck was held on December 1, hosted by Frank and Patty Yraguen.
Workshop with Joxema Mendiola in Homedale Two Beti Alai instructors and two of our experienced dancers attended a NABO dance workshop hosted by Txoko Ona in Homedale on February 19, 2009.  Instruction was provided by Joxema Mendiola from Gipuzkoa.  Joxema is the director of Arkaitz Dantza Taldea.
2009 Dance Our 62nd Annual Basque Dance was held at Four Rivers Cultural Center on February 28, 2009
Dr. Alberto Santana Dr. Alberto Santana, Director of Basque Studies at Boise Sate University lectured on the history of the Basque farmhouse on April 20, 2009.  Before the lecture attendees had the opportunity to browse a photo exhibit provided by the Basque Government and enjoy a variety of pintxos.
Global Village 2009 Ontario Basque Club again participated in America's Global Village on June 6, 2009.  In addition to a performance by Beti Alai, children's activities and a cultural display, the club sold txorizo, pintxos and txutxus.
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