Grade 12

In June of 2005, the Department of Education conducted an education mission to the Basque Country. The purpose of the mission was to acquaint the delegation of Idaho teachers with the culture and history of the Basque Country and to reinforce the linkages that continue to connect families and communities in the Basque Country to the State of Idaho. The theme of the mission was “Preserving Culture and Building Community: The Basque Experience.”

Among the final products of this mission are several lesson plans from the areas of language arts and social studies featuring Basque-themed elements and topics.

English IV: The Basque Country

Rod Wray
Instructional Objective:

  • Comprehend, evaluate, and synthesize the information presented in class (worksheets, images)
  • Relate the information to experiences in their own lives.
  • Research a specific topic and present that information in a clear informative manner.
  • Produce a personal narrative essay in which they describe a symbol of hope in their own lives.

American Government: Basque Studies on Rights and Responsibilities

Cynthia Jenkins
Instructional Objectives:

  • Discuss the role of responsibility in his/her daily life and the role of responsibility in American political life.
  • Diagram an evolutionary timeline of the history of US Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  • Become aware of the Basque people and their ancient form of government, as well as the role of and connection to the Basque in Idaho.
  • Write a note or letter complimenting someone in his or her life (student, teacher, employee, etc) for practicing responsibility.
  • Type an essay or write a letter to his or herself describing the rights and responsibilities of being an American citizen.

Economics: Productivity and Co-operatives in the Basque Country

Ron Neil
Instructional Objectives:

  • Distinguish between production and productivity and calculate productivity per worker
  • Identify the point of diminishing returns
  • Relate the relative ability of management and labor to influence production and productivity